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Dinheiro Jogado fora!! bad very bad!

Longe de ser funcional para news so se enviar so texto e olha la! eu sempre utilize outros softwares no pc na migraçao para mac achei que ia encontrar algo bom, mais perdi tempo e dinheiro. Faz dois dias que estou tentando enviar um news e chego tudo deformado, na reconhecendo codigos html etc A apple store teria que disponibilizar os softwere por umas horas para ver se realmente sao funcionais. Ja compre um monte de programas aqui e alguns me arrependo. Vou realmente avaliar de continuar comprando a cegas assim. Far from being functional for news so if you send only text and look at it! I always use other software on the pc to mac migration thought Id find something good, more lost time and money. Two days ago Im trying to send a news and I get all deformed, recognizing the html codes etc. This apple store would have to provide the softwere for a few hours to see if they really are functional. Ever buy a lot of programs here and some regret. Im actually going to continue to evaluate buying blind as well.

No hassels

Bought mMailings, tries to get it to work for a few hours with no result. Bought this program, worked the first time, no problems. Easy to configure and use.


This app makes eblasts possible on Mac and removes the need to pay MailChimp or Constant Contact tons of money every month for mass mailing to your database. It’s every salespersons dream! The main purpose for me is to import my lists from a Excel sheet, and be able to insert the “special field” of [first name], which makes sending hundreds of individual emails obsolete. Just that one little field makes my clients believe that I wrote a personal email. As long as it sounds like a personal, “Hi [first name], I just got in this new product I think you might like. Let me know if you would like more info.” with a few pictures (yes, you can add attachments!) you should be good to go. Typically I sent a test to myself to make sure formatting and links work, then import a tab from my Excel sheet (Everyone, Buyers, Leads, New York, California, etc.), and send away. Each necessary tab would be an individual “blast,” but you can use the same drafted email to send to each tab/category. You can also use it to send HTML newsletters, which everyone knows are massmailed anyway.

Great email sender

Really simple to setup… imported my email list, added mail server info and ready to go in 5 minutes!

A bit buggy but worth the cost

I use Constant Contact for my main mass-emails but I wanted something simple to send out smaller groups (although Ive used this for up to 150) that would personalize for me. This does that. It allows embedded images and links and attachments and, once you get the hang of it, its pretty simple to use. There are some formatting bugs (spaces between lines can be irregular and using lists and bullets can be funky) but overall Im happy with it. They also do respond pretty quickly to support requests but its not easy to get there.

Just what I was looking for in a Mac mail merge solution

I was really having trouble trying to figure out the best of doing mail merge to my customers. Word 2008 requires you use Entourage as the default mail client, and Word 2011 requires you use Outlook. But I want to use standard Mail App. Plus I want to send directly via SMTP. Im using FileMaker Pro Advanced for my database (and its great for that), but FileMakers mail merge feature is very poor: you have to awkwardly construct the mails using a calculation field, there is no preview, there is no mail progress and only text mail is possible. (FileMaker purists will script work-arounds, but to be honest, I think they are all way too complicated, and still dont do everything SerialMailer does.) Then I found SerialMailer and it had everything I needed: (1) I could easily import the export from FIleMaker or Excel. (2) I could create plain text, formatted or HTML mails easily in the simple editor included. You can even include attachments. (3) I could preview the emails one by one. This was very important to me. (4) When sending via SMTP I can view the progress. I encountered an error with one recipients email address, was able to fix it right there and then send to that user and the remaining users without any fuss. (5) Each mail you send is saved in a special file containing the recipients and the mail you created, so you can open it up, resend if you want, check the log, copy the file and create a new mail with the same recipients, etc. (6) It includes its own database. So when you import the export from FileMaker or Excel it saves the info in its own internal database from which you can create a new mail. Basically, it just works great. And safely. Its not bloatware, but Im sure there will be bells and whistles people want as time goes by. The developer seems friendly and responsive. Im very surprised this software is not better known. It really fills a missing gap on the Mac - the ability to easily, without any fuss, create a mail merge from FileMaker or Excel or any other CSV source. Im just a happy customer who was glad to find this solution after searching around for a while. It has saved me a huge amount of time already.

This really works!

I used to send regular mass "personalized" emails using the email merge function of Word with Entourage. I transitioned to Apple Mail and therefore cannot merge to Mail. This program was mentioned on the Apple forum, so I thought I would try it. The most important criterion that I needed was to be able to personalize the Dear "FirstName" field in the salution of the email, and to pepper some other fields in the email. Sending a formatted text email as opposed to plain text was also important to me. Serial Mailer does all this and more. I couldnt believe how easy it was to import my email settings from Apple Mail. I actually tried to manually enter the settings and failed a couple of times before I checked the instructions (yes, always the last instead of the first thing I do!!) and found out how easy it was. Once you get your handle around the settings, formatting text with fonts, colors, bold, etc are very easy. You can add attachments, and have as many data files of recipients and email accounts as you like. Downers - not many. But if something goes wrong whilst you are sending a batch, the program either stops or hangs. Try and remember to save the "New Email" that you set up each time, otherwise all is lost and you have to start again. When you send a batch and it hangs, remember the last recipient that you sent it to, and when you re-open (usually after a "forced quit") delete the recipients that have already been emailed, and start from the first of the balance. ALWAYS send yourself a test email first - check formatting, fields, etc - before you send your batch. Enjoy!

Tried the “Lite” version, then bought the full!

I run a website that offers downloadable digital books, and recently did a fundraising drive for a new book which included a digital copy of a book as a premium. The software I used to generate individual, email-linked coupon codes was supposed to email each recipient with their code, but it seemed to fail (silently) *sometimes*, and after several tries, a lot of people still didn’t have their codes. I decided to give the “Lite” version of this app a try, so I could send the messages from my own email account and know for sure that they went out. I was able to import my recipient list directly from a CSV export of the coupon codes without a hitch. There’s a few other format options for import, including using your own Address Book. My test of 10 recipients (the limit in the Lite version) went out flawlessly. I was able to BCC myself to see exactly what they got, and know that everything went through. Then I grabbed the full version, imported the whole list of 200 recipients, and sent them all out in a few minutes. Worked great. Knocked off a star for a few reasons: 1) Upgrading from the Lite version to the full version, I had to re-enter my preferences. Would be nice to reward upgraders with a seamless transition. 2) importing email accounts from Apple Mail doesn’t seem to work; I just get a blank menu even though i have two accounts configured. It didn’t slow me down much to have to manually enter my account info, but it might be a roadblock for the less technically-savvy. It’s especially a problem since SerialMailer’s auto-configuration didn’t seem to work for Gmail accounts; since they are probably the most common, that doesn’t speak highly of the reliability of that feature. :-/ 3) When I imported my list of recipients, they were all selected by default, but I couldn’t find a way to deselect them all at once and just pick a few. Usually option-clicking a select box or clicking in the header area above that column will turn all of them on or off. That would be a welcome addition. 4) The confirmation message that comes up before sending was a little alarming, since it refers to sending the message to everyone in the “database”. The list of recipients is on the “Recipients” tab, that list is called “Address List” in the “Send to:” menu just prior to sending, and then it’s referred to as a “database” in the confirmation. Because of the inconsistent naming, I was worried I had done something wrong and it was going to send messages to everyone in my Address Book. It would benefit from some clarity and details; use consistent terms throughout, and give the user a count of the recipients so they can see if the number is unexpectedly high. Otherwise the dialog is unneccesarily alarming. Some minor issues, but the main thing is that the app does what it promises, and will undoubtedly be helpful to small business users who need to do personalized email correspondence. You can save your email and re-use it later with different recipients, modified text, etc. There’s also an option to include attachments that are personalized for each user, based on name of the file. That would be very very useful for sending out watermarked digital books or PDF coupons or what-have-you. I imagine I will find lots of uses for this software in the future!

Just what I need!

I use Serial Mailer on almost a daily basis. As with many productivity apps, it can take a bit of time to figure out the workflow that is going to be most compatible with your way of doing things. Once you get that figured out, this program is a huge help. The developer has been quick to respond to my questions and has even implemented a feature that I had suggested. This app is highly recommended!

Perfect Solution and Great Support

This application is absolutely the best possible solution to Apple’s inability to integrate Mail Merge functionality into its Mail application. Excel files import flawlessly and can be edited in the Recipients view screen, email construction and Smart Fields are intutitve and easy to use, the Preview screen allows you to quick scan each email or spot check a couple dozen for accuracy, and the Attachment screen is standard functionality. There are a number of other features that I haven’t explored such as customizing the sex of the greeting using Special Fields and customizing attachments and attachment names based on the recipient, but so far everything has been perfectly easy to execute on all of my Mail Merge needs. Last and most importantly the technical support responsiveness for this company was incredibly helpful and accurate at fixing the email problems I experienced at first. This more than anything else is what truly matters when trying to get a new product work. Keep up the ingenuity and professionalism Falko! - John Peil

Amazing Prospecting Time Saver!!!!

Well worth the $30.00. Easily allows you to send out mass customized emails and works like a charm! Best part, unlike Microsoft Mail Merge, Serial Mailer allows you to enter a BCC which is fantastic for integrated into Salesforce, etc… In short, it did exactly what I wanted it to do and did so easily.

Great app!

Easy to set up, did exactly what I needed it to do!

Excellent customized group mailer, super fast tech support response

Worked superbly for sending group email with tailored information for each recipient. I needed to send an email to over 60 people, each containing just that person’s address and contact information, asking them to check it and let me know if it needed updating, plus continue group emails to them over the next 6 months. This is to organize and keep people informed for a family reunion; using Apple Contacts and groups and not buying any other software. SerialMailor did the job. It saved me hours of individual cut and paste, plus each person saw a custom email to them and they responded much quicker than before; previous emails were obvious group form letters. I had two minor glitches. First, it didn’t import the email account settings from my Macbook and I had to set up the account manual in SerialMailer (it emails directly from the app). Not a big deal, would have added maybe 3 minutes just once (SerialMailer stores it) to initial setup, except I typed in the wrong port number and had to go back and fix it. I contacted developer and he responded within 24 hours saying email account import was a known bug and a fix was in the works. Second, the templates refer to an email format, like background or stationary, not an email with text and fields all set up to reuse for multiple mailings. In hindsight, this was obvious but I thought it was like a form, not stationary. I’m very happy with my purchase and recommend it to anyone who wants to sent group emails with individually tailored contents from their Mac.

Not bad!

I downloaded this because I have a small mailing list to deal with. It was surprisingly easy to use! There is a little learning curve, but it’s not bad. The one thing I’d request is a “CC” line. I know that’s unusual for a bulk mail tool, but it is sometimes needed.

Excellent, easy to use.

Up and running immediately. Add photos and formatting easily. Highly recommend.

Clunky as can be

Of the few bulk mailers that I’ve used, I fid them all to be unusually difficult to use. This one has been the worst by far. I almost gave up completely but I set aside a couple hours today in a last ditch effort to try to make it work at least a little. My two week old tech support request remains unanswered. No response at all. That is exceedingly disappointing! This app apparently will not work with gmail accounts because there seems to be no way to set it up in a way that google accepts. This seems to be a security feature on google’s side but I’ve found no way to work around it. Importing my apple email account was easy BUT I can’t send HTML stylized emails using my apple account. Not a good situation for me. Once I set up an account with a different smtp server, I was able to slowly send about 115 emails to the addresses in the database that I setup. HOWEVER!! If an email address was formatted incorrectly, the app did not flag it ahead of time. Instead, it stops the bulk mail in it’s tracks requiring me to manually edit the address. I could then resume the mailing but I had to manually unselect all addresses that had already successfully received the email or else it would duplicate the send. It was not possible to unselect a large group. This had to be done one at a time. Clunky!! All told, it took about 1.5 hours to send just 115 emails. This is longer than it would have taken using other methods and thus I feel like I wasted my money on this one. I’d ask for a refund but I am likely to never hear from this software company again! Disappointed. Should have paid more for MaxBulk mailer. It’s a little clunky as well and is more expensive but I’ve used it for many years without these issues.

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